Welcome to the nanotechnology laboratory. In some general sense we are doing surface science. Surface of solid state can be defined the top atomic layers less than 10 layers. Its often less than about a few nano meters. Generally Molecules are easily stuck on surface, so our experimental environment should be in ultra high vacuum.  

  We research atomic scale structure of surface of, for example, silicon, graphene, etc. Recently our focused topics are epitaxial graphene, nanowire on silicon. Graphene is 2 dimensional crystal, just one or few layers of graphite sheets. It has extraordinary electronic properties, but I will not consider details now, It has abnormal carriers, so called massless dirac fermions. Since it has linear band structure at K points in Brillouin zone, therefore effectively can be described by Dirac equation quantum-mechanically. Graphene dominated the material of new nano-device based on carbon electronics. We will research the intrinsic properties of graphene, doping of graphene and nanoribbon of graphene.